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Koehler Instrument Testing Equipment

Petroleum Testing Equipment

Auto Flash Point Analyzer

Product Id: K71000

The Automated Pensky-Martens Flash Point Analyzer
represents a perfect union of next-generation technology
with traditional robust quality.

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Cloud and pour point analyzer

Product Id: K77000

Automatic Cloud and Pour Point Analyzer, 110 – 240V, 50/60Hz

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Viscometry Systems

Omnitek BV U-Vis

Product Id: U-Vis 110 , U-Vis 120

To enable best U-Visc performance in time it is recommended to have a set of spare-parts available.
For U-Visc 100 and U-Visc 200 series spare-part kits consist of same parts but differ in numbers.

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Omnitek BV BitUVisc

Product Id: BitUVisc 110, BitUVisc 120

Omnitek ‘BitUVisc’ is a programmable, fully automatic kinematic viscometer specially designed to handle highly
viscous samples at high temperatures.

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Omnitek S-flow

Product Id: S-flow 870, S-flow 1250, S-flow 3500

The S-flow range of instruments consists of compact, bench-top automated viscometry systems for
the analysis of used and new lubricants.

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