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Process NMR AI-60

The only analyzer capable of measuring dark and opaque liquids as well as gases, that can be placed in the process environment. With real time, on-line continuous flow-through stream analysis, the AI-60 provides high-accuracy data, enabling tighter, more immediate control over the product.

Lab NMR 60

The AI-60 series includes a benchtop laboratory system with flow-thru capability and a variable temperature probe that can control the sample temperature from 30-90°C .This enables the development of on-line applications which can be effortlessly transferred to the on-line process system.


Introducing ModelGateway Software


Our 3rd overtone infra-red spectroscopy analyzer offers monitoring of multiple streams, using standard communication fiber-optics, and can be safely located up to 3 km from the desired sampling point. With field proven success, it is the most maintenance-free, cutting-edge NIR analyzer in the market today.
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