tec5USA Process Spectroscopy Solutions in Petrochemistry

“Make our Customers’ production processes as efficient as possible, reveal more cost saving potential and make Analytics 4.0 a reality.”

Molecular spectroscopy can obtain the composition of samples by applying light to it and detecting and analyzing the absorption or reflection spectrum. Real-time measurements help saving our customers $10,000s – $100,000s per year by reducing waste, save raw material, reduce rework, avoid recalls and overall to stay within spec, take better decisions and produce consistent quality. In-line analyzers eliminate the need to send a lab worker to pull samples and have them analyzed at an off-site location.

The methods of spectroscopy we use are UV-VIS, NIR, Raman, and LIBS. The industries we serve are semiconductor manufacturing equipment, food, feed and beverages, biotech and pharma, life sciences, chemistry, oil and gas as well as agriculture and mining.

Our knowledge of Spectroscopy, aberration-corrected concave gratings, electronics, sensors and long experience with demanding environments, help us deliver single and multi-fiber/multi-channel spectrometer modules, smart sensors, and instruments with high throughput, best optical purity, and minimal thermal or long-term drift.

tec5USA Products

tec5USA NIR Process Spectrometer CID1 and CID2

NIR Spectroscopy for measuring properties of diverse refinery products including Gasoline, Diesel, and Naphtha

tec5USA Raman Spectrometer System

  • Minimal movable parts
  • Robust design
  • Harsh environments including explosion-proof enclosures
  • Process synchronization
  • Laser unit LS-LD 785 nm
  • Detector unit SC-CCD / RAMAN
  • tec5USA UV-Visible Process Spectrometer

  • Pressurized protection method for CID1/D2
  • Active Vortex cooling
  • Stainless steel, 4X type enclosure
  • Available in UV-Vis-NIR, Raman configuration
  • Multichannel option can be realized upon request (incl. MUX)
  • Integrated HMI as option
  • Additional Information

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