About Spectro-Intelligence

What We Do

We help petroleum refiners, renewal fuel manufacturers, chemical and pharmaceutical industries with quality assurance programs to consistently meet specifications, and regulatory requirements using cost effective spectroscopic means of analysis. We monitor the QA of on- line, in-line and at-line processes, lab spectroscopic analyses, and statistical quality control charting (SQC) of spectroscopic results. We partner with makers of spectrometers and equipment to develop and maintain calibration models. Through our partners we sell quality petroleum instruments and equipment.

Experience & Expertise

What Makes us Different

Our president has over 24 years of experience in the petroleum industry and 12 in the pharmaceutical industry. While employed with a mid-west petroleum R&D department he invented and/or co-invented 13 patient applications utilizing spectroscopic instrumentation to control petroleum processes.

As a 33-year member, he served as chair of the ASTM committee on absorption spectroscopy where he helped develop spectrometric methods in wide use in the petroleum industry. 

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