Real Time Analyzers

Portable and Bench Fuel Property Analyzer

Portable Fuel Property Analyzer

’Another tool that serves us well is the PFPA that offers portability for fuel analysis anywhere needed, whether it’s the plant, field, or the port. In combination with Near-Infrared Spectroscopy, it uses Advanced Multivariate Analysis to main fuel properties that affect the engine performance. The PFPA property determination guidelines were established and validated according to ASTM E1655 that comprises the properties of over 800 fuels globally. Results of the fuel analyzer are quick as lightning and can be printed out for a hard copy, all within minutes. Spectro Intelligence knows its tools and your requirements, so call us today!

Benchtop Fuel Property Analyzer

At Spectro Intelligence, our services are only as good as our tools. This is why our Benchtop Fuel Property Analyzer is our pride, for it provides fast fuel assessment by using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy with Advanced Chemometric Analysis. With this high-tech beauty, you get results about engine performance for gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel in mere seconds with just 2ML of the sample. The Bench Fuel Property Analyzer is able to analyze three types of fuels, takes one minute to warm up, results delivered in 10 seconds, can be used without any technical training, and do so much more
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