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Petroleum Companies Empower their workforces with the expert spectroscopy consulting from Spectro-Intelligence, LLC. We put a scientific method toward your bottom line.
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Spectro-Intelligence LLC is an innovative analytical methods development and process analytics firm founded by a professional chemist in 2004, with the aim of providing solutions to companies seeking cutting-edge, comprehensive spectroscopic means of analysis. Through its integrated approach to project management and laboratory notebook documentation, Spectro-Intelligence has helped a wide variety of clients achieve success in their work.

At Spectro-Intelligence, we strive to stay at the forefront of instrumentation advances in order to provide our customers with the best possible results for their analysis needs. Our experienced staff are continually educating themselves on new techniques and technologies so that they can better serve our customers’ ever-evolving requirements. This commitment to continuous learning ensures that each project is completed efficiently and accurately, no matter what challenges arise.  

Expert Analytical Chemistry Solutions

Our foremost goal is to help our clients navigate complex analytical chemistry applications with confidence and ease. Whether it’s designing bespoke solutions or consulting on existing projects, Spectro-Intelligence can provide exceptional results for whatever analytical need you may have.

Spectro-Intelligence LLC Partners, Associates, and clients

Spectroscopy is elegant work and requires not only expertise but experience, which we have.

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We assure you that the quality of our data is the best you will find anywhere.
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