Spectroscopy is an art. We are the leading artists you’re going to find on this side of the globe.
Spectroscopic & Laboratory Services

Customized Spectroscopy Services

Our services are two-pronged. We offer laboratory services such as assisting with developing ATSM spectroscopic test methods and writing quality assurance manuals, while others are purely spectroscopic. These include chemometric modeling and validation, applying spectroscopic techniques, working with manufacturers of FT-NIRs, Mid-FTIR, dispersive, gradient, and Raman instruments. 

Spectroscopic Services

  • Spectroscopic Chemometric Modeling and Validation Major experience in petroleum online, at-line spectroscopic and lab analyzers
  • Modeling Laboratory spectroscopic Instruments
  • Application Specialist in spectroscopic techniques
  • Domestic and International Calibration Maintenance
  • We work with major manufacturers of: dispersive, gradient, FT-NIRs, Mid-FTIR and Raman Instruments Spectro Intelligence / AI-Metrix

    Laboratory Services

  • Assist with development of ASTM spectroscopic test methods
  • Statistical analysis of laboratory proficiency data
  • Writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Assist with writing laboratory Quality Assurance Manuals
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