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Process NMR AI-60

The only analyzer capable of measuring dark and opaque liquids as well as gases, that can be placed in the process environment. With real time, on-line continuous flow-through stream analysis, the AI-60 provides high-accuracy data, enabling tighter, more immediate control over the product.

Lab NMR 60

The AI-60 series includes a benchtop laboratory system with flow-thru capability and a variable temperature probe that can control the sample temperature from 30-90°C .This enables the development of on-line applications which can be effortlessly transferred to the on-line process system.


Introducing ModelGateway Software


Our 3rd overtone infra-red spectroscopy analyzer offers monitoring of multiple streams, using standard communication fiber-optics, and can be safely located up to 3 km from the desired sampling point. With field proven success, it is the most maintenance-free, cutting-edge NIR analyzer in the market today.


tec5USA NIR Process Spectrometer CID1 and CID2

NIR Spectroscopy for measuring properties of diverse refinery products including Gasoline, Diesel, and Naphtha

tec5USA Raman Spectrometer System

  • Minimal movable parts
  • Robust design
  • Harsh environments including explosion-proof enclosures
  • Process synchronization
  • Laser unit LS-LD 785 nm
  • Detector unit SC-CCD / RAMAN
  • tec5USA UV-Visible Process Spectrometer

  • Pressurized protection method for CID1/D2
  • Active Vortex cooling
  • Stainless steel, 4X type enclosure
  • Available in UV-Vis-NIR, Raman configuration
  • Multichannel option can be realized upon request (incl. MUX)
  • Integrated HMI as option
  • MarqMetrix

    Marq Metrix Raman Analyzer

    Created by Raman spectroscopy experts, MarqMetrix’s simple, precise, and consistent measurements give businesses deeper insights, allowing them to optimize their products and processes with no downtime. MarqMetrix’s process Raman systems are easy to use and priced to be installed at all points of need in your process. Our solutions go from box to analysis in minutes.

    Portable and Bench Fuel Property Analyzer

    Benchtop Fuel Property Analyze

    Our Benchtop Fuel Property Analyzer is our pride, for it provides fast fuel assessment

    Portable Fuel Property Analyzer

    Another tool that serves us well is the PFPA that offers portability for analysis anywhere needed

    Viscometry Systems

    Omnitek BV U-Vis

    The Omnitek U-Visc is the next generation of completely automatic viscometry systems.

    Omnitek BV BitUVisc

    Omnitek ‘BitUVisc’ is a programmable, fully automatic kinematic viscometer

    Omnitek S-flow

    The S-flow range of instruments consists of compact, bench-top automated viscometry systems

    Super Fluid Chromatography

    Series 4000 SFC

    The Series 4000 SFC was designed specifically for separations performed on capillary and 1mm ID packed columns.
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