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Analytical Chemist

A Seasoned Analytical Applications Scientist with over 25 years of experience in the petroleum, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries who specializes in process analytics and laboratory analyses. Excel in analytical method development using chemometric models, multivariate quantitative analysis, and Near Infrared (NIR), Mid Infrared (MIR), and other spectroscopic instruments. Skilled at building and sustaining internal/external relationships that achieve results. Highly motivated leader passionate about maximizing productivity, improving quality, and generating innovative new products and technologies.

Our History

Spectro-Intelligence’s Founder, William Welch holds a Bachelor of Chemistry from the University of Cincinnati and graduate courses in analytical chemistry. He also has expert knowledge of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS), and other advanced techniques. This combination of academic prowess and practical experience makes him uniquely qualified to lead the firm’s efforts in providing its clients with reliable analytical chemistry services.

Bill after discussing the economic benefits convinced the Vice President of Research to support the development of using spectroscopic instrumentation to determine properties of petroleum products in the lab and online processes. We hired additional personnel and NIs to initiate research to accomplish the objective.

The group noticed where earlier researchers published and began to build on this technology. Leader of the Spectroscopy Group for legacy Ashland Petroleum Company (now Marathon LLC), Bill and coworkers invented 21 US Patents Applications using Near Infrared and Raman spectroscopies. These patents were incorporated in software that today is an integral part of process spectroscopic instrument systems that is used by every major petroleum refiner today for some unit process controls. To mention a few examples, gasoline blending, reformer measurement and control of octane, production of BTEX are major processes in the petroleum industry. 

Ashland Petroleum Company together with support from legal, engineers, and the Spectroscopy Group built and licensed an analyzer system named InfraTane incorporating our patent technology. The licensing effort was supported by the Spectroscopy Group and provided instrument calibration services (domestically and internationally), taught clients the calibration procedure, developed a quality control program, assisted in licensing sales, litigated patents, published papers in trade journals, and gave presentations. The first InfraTane System was introduced at the Ashland Petroleum Canton Ohio Refinery in 1990.

The InfraTane analyzer system was licensed and brought in revenue totaling 3.6 million dollars.

China Dalian WEPEC Instrument
shelter building

Bill Welch at China Dalian WEPEC Refinery teaching the Instrument System Protocol.

Chemist and technician learning the protocol.

Partners meeting at the Analyzer Technology Conference 2023, Galveston, TX

4IR Solutions Booth
Left to right Bill Welch; Dr, Paul Giammatteo; Tal Lavern; Mr. Ofer NIR (CEO)

tec5usa Booth
Left to right: Dr. Arindom Saha; Bill Welch; Sebastian Huelck (CEO)

Professional Experience

Analytical Chemistry Applications Scientist & Founder– Spectro-Intelligence, Ashland, Kentucky | 2004 to Present

Identify and present solutions for client analytical problems in several industries, developing methods to determine compliance and chemical and physical properties using modern instrumental means of analyses. Conduct feasibility studies to determine whether products and/or processes can be controlled by spectroscopic means of analysis. Collaborate with manufacturers to sell instruments.

Designed an industrial analytical standard test method for determination of jet fuel properties using infrared multivariate quantitative analytical analysis. Saved $40,000 for each of 2 refineries by improving on-line NIR gasoline determination, training staff in calibration maintenance, and writing an SOP for personnel. Performed critical analytical analyses of petroleum wax refinery design and construction, achieving results that indicated a profitable endeavor.

Research Associate & Group Leader

Research Associate & Group Leader
Marathon Ashland Petroleum, Catlettsburg, Kentucky | 1982 to 2004

Directed activity of 11 staff in 4 laboratories that provided new analytical technology development. Performed knock engine, instrumental, spectroscopic, and HPLC analyses. Conducted analytical testing using instrumental means of analysis, as well as personnel evaluation and training.

Research Associate & Group Leader

Laboratory Supervisor
Ashland Petroleum, Catlettsburg, Kentucky | 1982 to 1985

Managed more than 40 testers in a refinery quality control laboratory for a refinery that processes 240,000 barrels of crude oil daily. Performed laboratory audits, instrument calibrations, and processing of unit samples.


Additional Training

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